Caroline Mouran

Caroline Mouran, a self-employed fused glass artist, works out of her studio from home. Her inspiration in her glass work, comes from colours and nature.  Caroline’s love affair with fused glass started the moment she first touched it’s smooth and cool surfaces, she didn’t want to put it down! Caroline enjoys playing with translucency and opacity, blending colours, layers and textures. She loves the simplicity and fluidity of the shapes created when the glass melts and the sharp edges dissolve to become rounded, softened and curvy.

Caroline adore’s the seaside and luckily close to the beach. She hopes she has captured a little piece of the seaside in the blue ripples, silver sails, deckchair stripes and ice-cream coloured huts in her fused glass. Caroline glass also features bright, rainbow flower designs which I hope will put a smile on your face.

Caroline has been experimenting with fused glass for 7 years now, and selling her glasswork for 5 years now. She has several shops and galleries around the country that sell her work in Canterbury, Brighton, Rye, Heathfield, Cornwall, York and Scotland.

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