Cornish Tea Co

Often linked to the concepts of Yin and Yang in Eastern Philosophy, the time honoured tradition of ‘Tea Dunking’ requires a level of skill and technique which only a few will ever truly master! The combination of the opposing forces of tea & biscuit, liquid & solid, Ying & Yang requires nothing but expert handling to ensure these already delightful treats come together to create one undeniably luscious mouthful.

BUT TAKE GREAT CARE… for to dabble just a second too long may result in that flavoursome delight ending up as nothing more than a pile of sludge at the bottom of your cup. After which you, the willing participant, no longer able distinguish between biscuit and tea are now left feeling dejected, demoralised and frankly uncertain of a brighter future.

The Cornish Tea Co. are here to support you in the times of DUNKING DISASTER and also share in your DUNKING SUCCESS… but the talk is now over SO its time.

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