Faye Wilson

Faye is a jewellery designer and maker with a degree in Graphic Art & Illustration at Anglia Polytechnic University. In the past, she has run galleries, sold her own paintings and supplied her art work to films and TV productions.

Faye took a jewellery course about 7 years ago and has been building her confidence, skills and tool collection ever since. Faye’s husband is a plumber and her first earrings were cut from an old central heating water tank using his blowtorch! Faye’s grandfather was a metal worker in the RAF and he left her many of his tools. Faye’s art and design background has shaped the look of her jewellery, she loves the combination of texture, pattern, shape and is constantly playing with ideas.

Faye takes great pride in her work, from the stock items in her shop, to custom orders. She loves engaging with customers and helping them design something that she can make up and they can enjoy.

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