Bee Keeper

Matthew Pitt

Matt is passionate about the environment and determined to continually improve his beekeeping techniques. He has had a lifelong interest with the insect world and has been working with bees for the last 10 years. He enjoys sharing his approach and ethos and regularly gives talks to groups, including Primary Schools and the Cornwall Blind Association. He teaches beekeeping at the Exeter University campus at Tremough and has worked with their MSc students on projects aimed at improving bee health.
Matt has always enjoyed a challenge, previously working up to 2km below surface, as a miner and underground fire and rescue team member. Trying to make a living from beekeeping is difficult enough, perhaps more so for Matt as he has an allergy to bee venom! Despite the allergy, he continues to work with the bees without the use of smoke. In his words…. “It keeps you focussed” He has established a charity, “Bees Before Profit”, to help further research into improving beekeeping methods and equipment. The Cornish Black Bee Company bees are locally bred, rare, Cornish “black bees”, well suited to West Cornwall’s apiaries and climate.

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